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Amazon Web Services


Coinbase - via Google Authenticator, SMS, or Authy.

Dreamhost Dropbox- via Google Authenticator.  Backup code to disable two factor, backup phone number (SMS delivery).

Drupal (via Module)


Facebook - via Google Authenticator or SMS.  Set up the Code Generator first for use with Google Authenticator, then set up Login Approvals and enter the code that your application generates or that you recieve via SMS.

Github - via Google Authenticator. Backup recovery codes, fallback SMS delivery.

Google - via Google Authenticator.  Backup one time use codes, backup phone numbers (SMS or voice delivery), application specific passwords.

LastPass - via Google Authenticator, YubiKey (LastPass Premium), Toopher, Duo Security, or Transakt. From the main vault page (either the web login or the browser extension), go to Settings -> Multifactor.



Mt.Gox - via Google Authenticator or Yubikey.  If generator is lost, can unlock account after a 7 day wait period.

Paypal - via SMS or $30 Paypal provided generator. Disable SMS Two Factor Auth from device by texting STOP to 777539.


Wordpress (via Extension)


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